Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™"

I must disclaim that I received this product complimentary through Influenster.  Thank you LypSyl for participating, this is a great lip balm.  Let me explain what sets this apart from other lip balms.

1. The Shape and Size- You pick up this lip balm and its substantial in feel, and the surface of the lip gloss is oval shaped and nice and large, but too large that you will be balming your face. 

2. The Bee- I think no review of this lip balm can not go without mention of the bee.  It's a plastic yellow bee that is one a track and you push up the bee to give you more balm (instead of twisting the bottom).  This is a very clever way to remind people that this is made with pure Swedish Beeswax.

3. The Tingle- When you apply LypSyl you immediately get a little tingle going on your lips, and a hint of a minty flavor.  This tingle lasts and feels quite refreshing.

4. The ingredients- Swedish Bees wax, coconut oil, organic Shea butter and vitamins A and E.

What I liked about this most, (not counting the bee), was I didn't have to apply a ton of it on my lips to get the feeling of relief and moisture.  My LypSyl lasted about an hour, give or take.  Which coming from someone who apply s lip balm continuously is great.

I happen to be on medication that drys my mouth so my lips get yucky, so I'm thrilled.

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