Thursday, March 17, 2016

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Exfoliant- A family story.

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Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid is unlike any other product on the market. While there are many BHA (short for beta hydroxy acid) products available, formulating them at the pH level needed to effectively penetrate pores is extremely difficult. This leave-on exfoliant does exactly that with a unique, water-light texture ideal for any skin type, and the results are remarkable.   I have extremely dry and senstive skin and this works mircles on it.  Instead of stripping my skin it soothes and builds it up.
Among consumers who used 2% BHA Liquid for at least 30 days*:
  • 91% had noticeably healthier skin  **I can testify this is true
  • 90% saw improved skin texture  **** I can testify this is true
  • 82% experienced smaller pores   **** I can testify this is true
I gave my daughter who is 18 with senstive skin of her own and I gave her a sample, she is reporting the same positive comments that I have been noticing on my own skin.  For anyoen with senstivie skin the ability to use an exfoliant is great.

Friday, March 11, 2016

An exfoliant that works on sensitve skin without stripping it!!

Well everyone I’ve found a great exfoliant that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, but it is still very effective.  I was given a sample of Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid with Salicylic Acid for all skin types.  I was given this for free for review and testing purposes.
At first I was hesitant to trying an exfoliant.  This time of year the air is quite dry, and we have dry heat in the apartment so adding a drying agent to my skin.  I decided to try it at night in the beginning to see how my skin would react.   After a few days my skin actually appeared to have a more even skin tone and the dry blotchy patches were disapearing.  At that point I decided to add the exfoliant to my morning skin routine as well as the night time regime.  I was thrilled when my skin softened and the tone continued to even out.  Most noticable were the pore size and blackheads on my nose.  I’ve tried the srips to rip off blackheads in the past but found them ineffective.  Suddenly my nose was clear and the pore appearance was smaller.  

As a sensitive skin women in my 40’s starting to see my skin age I am pleased to recommend Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant. Right now use the code  PRBHA16 so you can save 20% and get FREE shipping Good luck all I plan to update you all when I start seeing my fine line and wrinkles dissapear.  #GOTITFREE

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tone Body Wash Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil a true treat for your skin.

I was asked by Bzz Agent to review Tone body Wash Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil in exchange for free product and coupons to hand out to friends. 
I live in New England and any one who has been watching the news knows the entire East Coast has been hammered non stop by snow and winter weather.  It has been very drying for skin, to further complicate matters we have forced hot air that is so drying.  Most importantly I suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, a complication from this is dry skin.  Diabetics have to be extermly careful with their skin, I can't afford to have cracked skin, as it could lead to complications that someone else wouldn't have to face.

I replaced my old body wash I was using as soon as the Tone Body wash came in.  The first thing I noticed right away was how well it lathered.  Also my shower smelled so nice. One important feature to the bottle is when you squeeze out the amout you want the bottle does not let any more come out so there isn't any more messy shower puddles of soap where you keep your body wash.  Now all of these are all nice but the test of the product is how is makes your skin feel after you leave the shower and dry off and live your day.  Well I can say my skin was softer, gone was the scaly skin on my legs, and I noticed a pleasant scent of the Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil scent, but it wasn't overpowering as a lot of rose scents can be. 

I strongly recommend trying this product, and I personally look forward to trying some of the other scents that include.
  • Mango Splash with Cocoa Butter
  • Daily Detox with White Clay & Pink Jasmine
  • Soothing Oatmeal with Shea Butter
  • Ocean Therapy with Deep Sea Extracts & Pearl Essence
  • Fruit Peel® with Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Brandy, not for frost bitten noses- great for a summer quench too!!

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Well I had been given this assignment from Bzz Agent for  E&J XO Brandy a little while back and it has taken me some time to compose my thoughts, but most importantly try some summertime recipes using brandy.

In full Disclosure, I have received rebate coupons for some of the retail price of the brandy in turn for trying it and reporting on it.

I was brought up the daughter of an off the boat Irish Mother, who had some home remedy for everything, usually involving alcohol.  In her defense (god rest her soul) she was the daughter of the town doctor, so she grew up around "practical medicine". 

I heard the stories of what they did when I was teething, Brandy (Whiskey was too strong for an infant)

You had a cold- a snifter of warm brandy and a spoon full of sugar...

You get the idea,

I have always enjoyed the turning of fall into winter with the eggnog flavored Brandy as I tend to make it.

But here we are in the middle of a huge heat wave and I am supposed to blog about Brandy?

Well I went to our local liquor store and picked up my bottle of E&J XO Brandy.  Then simply I googled summer brandy recipes.

I found some gems. 

2 oz of E&J XO Brandy
2 oz Pineapple Martini Flavor
1oz Pureed Strawberries
Over Crushed Iced

Lest we forget one of the most important ingredients in a Sangria is what else... Brandy
1 bottle red wine
1/2 cup Brandy
1/2 Cup Triple Sec
4 bls Sugar
1 Orange
1 Lemon

Pour into tall glass of crushed ice and top with seltzer....

The E&J XO Brandy is very smooth, very tasty neat in a crystal glass after a hard day of work or beach with the kids.

Just because you are reading a recipe and brandy may be a only a small part of a recipe, quality drinks come from quality ingredients.  You wouldn't cook a prime rib and top it with cream of mushroom soup from a can for the a jus.

When a recipe calls for brandy make sure you are treating you and your guests o a quality drink.

Take it from the only 45 year old blogger than has been a Brandy drinker for 45 years.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Too much fun talking about washing hands (sounds dirty but completly G rated)

In full disclosure I received a sample of Lysol Touch of Foam from Bzz Agent to test and review.  I also have coupons I can give out to my friends and family that are interested in this product.

I love going into all the chic little boutiques and trying the latest and greatest in hand care.  Let's face it other than.... well our face, our hands and out there for the world to study and judge us.  Think about it, you see someone with dirt under their nails or between their fingers, you ain't eating nothin from the bowl that they are.  Or if you see someone who had clean hands,clean nails you make a judgement.
So it always makes me laugh when going into this little boutiques or even pop ups in retail space a company selling their hand soap.  They have you wet you CLEAN HANDS (unless your at the mall right after making meatballs by hand and didn't bother to wash your hands) otherwise, if your in the mall chances are your not sporting alot of hand grime.  Where was I, yes, so you wet your hands they pump a bit of soap in your hands and you lather and rinse them.  Pat them with the provided beautiful cotton hand towel.  You are to stand their amazed that they have washed your clean hands and now they are clean and may even have a pear scent to them.  All you hand to do was wet your hands hand the beautiful lady pump the soap for you and you to dry them in hand towels of the Gods.

Well I would be pretty pissed off if the results were anything but.  Can you imagine getting your hands washed and they smell worse after, or you feel some tacky residue.

How do you properly test a hand soap?   Well with dirty smelly hands of course, you have to be in your kitchen, bath or other washing area with hands caked with meatball, moss, loam from planting, some smells that come with motherhood or pet ownership.  And by the way there isn't a nice lady to pump the soap on for you, it's all you baby, and I wouldn't be on an Egyptian Cotton hand towel waiting to dry you off.  If lucky you get a clean facecloth, last sheet of the paper towel roll or just air dry.

After than then smell and feel your hands and see how they do that is the only way to test hand soap.

So I did a head to head comparison with your Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Wash in the Creamy Vanilla Orchid scent.  I matched it with a popular hand soap sold in most malls and is usually part of a buy 5 for 20 deal. 

To begin with I did some cleaning, then had to take out my dogs, and scooped with a plastic glove.  At this point I decided to put all my plantings together in containers.  I abide garden gloves, I have large hands so the only size that fits is the Men's which is too big to let me work in them, so I for go garden gloves.  Then I take out some soil and make some small planters for herbs.  At this point I need to go to the bathroom.  Well I must wash my hands first I'm gross.  So my instinct is not to touch anything with  my hands, so I apply a pump on the Lysol handle with my forearm, the foam piles nicely on my hands, I work my hands into a real lather hear, the soap is all but gone, then I rinse again and apply another pump, and I lather them up and dry them with a paper towel and my hands smell amazing.  In fact I sitting at my keyboard can still smell the slight yet pleasant scent of my hands.  My verdict, if this soap can cut through the run through I gave it it is a must have at each sink in my house.   I am the firmest of believers that frequent hand washing is better than any flu shot ( my opinion and mine alone). My hands are soft enough to rub the belly of an old dog, and the softest of arms of my child, and able to hold my hubby's hands as I slip him a quick hug when he comes home from work. 

Now in all fairness there was another product to compare it to, so I waited for another dog walk, did another day's worth of gardening, and they also at one point threw out food in the garbage.  Well the first test that didn't compare was the arm pump.  Instead of the pile of lather I got a stream that went from my hand to the back of my cabinet wall.  I lathered, and repeated, just not that same thick feeling as I got with the Lysol, it seemed a watered down version.  I did get my hands clean but the Pear scent that attracted to me to the soap was gone within 3 minutes.

The winner is clear, I whole heartily recommend the Lysol Touch of Foam hand wash.  I would advice them to rethink the packaging that someone it's much cleaner and is more decorative, something you pull away when you open the soap to use.  It's a beautiful soap as well as a 99.9% germ killer than we have come to know Lysol for, now let us know the gal has gams as well and time to show them off.

The above piece was written by me for my review of this soap, I was reading it and was pretty pleased with the facts and comparisions of soaps, but there were a couple of things I didn't get to.  This soap comes in two other scents, Cherry in Bliss, and Wild Berry Bliss (yum o).  Also the pump itself is built using antimicrvial properties that help deter germs from living on the pump of the soap.  Talk about thinking of it all.

I wouldn't mind seeing packaged with these a small sample of hand sanitizer, as a way to jump inot that market.  Again I love love love this and now I'm obsessed with trying the Cherry Bliss.

---Peas Out

Monday, March 18, 2013

Garnier Dark Spot Peel

I was asked a few weeks ago to try and review  Garnier Dark pot Peel, by Bzz Agent.  In full Disclosure
 I received a free bottle from Garnier Dark Spot Peel from Garnier.  This was for review and trial purposes.

<img src="" alt=""/>

I actually was in the hospital when I got this, my husband brought it in, unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of myself because the camera was not allowed.  I will say I found my Moby Dick that I was hunting on my face.  I have Dark Spots, but the real issue for me was a black head that despite how many facials I had it would just reappear, (I actually think it knows when I go to the anesthetic and hides out, then after pops back up.  I know that sounds a bit crazy but I did just compare a black head to one of the most iconic figures in classic literature.  When I was in the hospital, I had little to do other  than listening to bad cable from a tin box near my ear, or I could I play with all my grooming stuff.   I loved that this peel  you can leave on overnight.
In my real life Mommy world, I basically get up with enough time to to barely drink a cup of coffee, then I  bleary eyed drive her a mile away to school.  (I think my mother would kick my ass if I asked her to to interrupt her morning to drive me one mile to go to school.).  When I get home I am usually staring at sink of pans and dishes used to hurriedly cook various breakfasts, and the enviable last night’s dinner pan that I didn’t want to deal with, and apparently no on else in my family didn’t either. But I digress- So I have come home from driving my daughter to school, trying to drink my coffee before it gets that certain level of cold that it is suddenly undrinkable.  Now I do the dishes, dry, and put them away as I have no interest in looking at them all day long.  Now this is the point that I usually forget to eat breakfast but I do fix up something for myself in the caffeine family.  Now after I am leaving the kitchen the next stop is the computer in the living room.  Here is wear I start to read 89 email, (dude I’m a housewife).  So now I’ve finished that and finally make my way upstairs to start thinking about self grooming.  Now I go the the mirror to face my Moby Dick of a black head, I’ve been using the Garnier Dark Spot Peel faithfully for weeks keeping up my routine from the hospital.  So I wash my face and look up and notice Moby Dick looks different.  I take my wash cloth and wipe it and it comes off.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.   This blackhead that has cursed me forever has become a memory after 3.5 weeks of using the Garnier Dark Spot Peel.  Now that I am not noticing just Moby Dick, I see a softness to my skin, the ruddy Irish complexion that gets destroyed during the winter, has disappeared.  I look like like a WASP from Greenwich CT. 

Now you may ask why I make you read about my completely ridiculous morning, well it’s because the peel can stay on overnight into the next day.  I am not a slave to my house and have to take some peel off my skin within a certain time frame in case it starts to eat my flesh (for real). 

Garnier is really stepping up their game with the amount of styling, hair, and skin care line.  I have very sensitive skin and experienced zero blotching or itching. 

I really from the bottom of my heart recommend this for those issues that seem like they won’t go away, Garneir Dark Spot Peel is affordable and goes head to head with the high end department store lines.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shave Time, ugh

Schick Hydro Silk® razor,
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Ok Ladies, and some Gentlemen, summer will be hear before you know it and all of a sudden tank tops, Capri’s, shorts, and Gasp even swimsuits will be tried on in changing rooms and everyone will go through last years’ pile to see it still works.  Well how many of you in previous years dreaded this or insisted on doing it solo, even if you had a BF shopping with you?  I’ll hazard a guess and say some or most of it had to do with winterized hairy areas.  I will confess come late September that Razor just kind of hangs out in my shower.  I hated getting nicks and a cut on my legs or worse during the winter, when my skin was already so dry, it just was unbearable.
Disclosure I am a Bzz Agent and I received a free product and coupons for review and passing out purposes by Schick. 
Well I got my razor and immediately liked the feel in my hand, the handle is chunky but rubberized so it doesn’t grapple with gravity much.  Although you see Moisture strips on the razor you should still use a nice shave cream to enhance your shave.  You will also notice quite a few blades, this move in a manner that you can actually shave your knees and other curvy areas and you should be nic free.
I have found this priced very well at local drug stores and many times you get some money back for purchasing it, so it is worth keeping an eye on it. 
Mine has a mini clear adhesive hook that discreetly holds my razor high on the tile line, as not to obstruct the view of by shower area.
In case you’re wondering I have extremely sensitive skin and this when used with a shave cream that was also ok for sensitive skin, I had zero problems.
Go for it, and next time you’re in the store with your girl friends be the first to head to the dressing room.