Thursday, October 11, 2012

Influenster got a makeover

Many of you may be familiar with the website Influenster from my previous reveiws and write ups.

Well they rolled out a major revamp.   The old site allowed you to earn a handful of badges, based on those badges you were deemed eligible to receive a vox box based on your demographic profile of your badges.  A vox box is a box filled with products, both full and trial sized.  You are to try these and answer a survey after.  If you like you can do different tasks to earn the badge for your vox box.

Now you need to be invited to join, there is a request button on the home page.  The ensures that the Influenster community is filled with active members of social media.  There are so many  badges to earn and fun tasks to do to earn the badges.  You have expert badges, lifestyle badges and then some badges will happen over time.

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