Friday, September 21, 2012

Mommy why does our house smell dirty?

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Nice title huh?  Well that is exactly how my dear daughter phrased her question to me.  She was away for the weekend with her Uncle and Aunt who have no kids and a perfect house, and apparently a specially scented house.  She came home and made it to the kitchen and said "Mommy why does our house smell dirty?"  I will tell you, although that question came from my daughter who I feel I have ultimate control over IE her iPhone, when anyone even your own off spring say that to you, you feel like you have failed on many levels.

I can take why is the kitchen messy, or the living room needs tidying up, but a house that smells, ugh.

So this happened at the beginning of the summer so i began a quest to fumigate my house.  I started with the powder you sprinkle on your carpet and vacuum up.  Well aside from adding another chore, the vacuuming part, and you better vacuum all of it up, it lasted about 12 hours.

Next I tried the glutenous air freshener that comes in the dome you are supposed to open just a little and each week open it a bit more, OK let's face it, we all open that bad boy all the way up right away.  We are the same people that pull that damn wrapper completely off the car air freshener trees.  Thus worked for about two feet, once I was three feet away from it I couldn't smell it.

Then a few weeks back I received the offer from Bzz Agent to test the Glade Oil Diffuser and the Glade Fragrance Starter kit.  Now I had seen these all over, but confess I had such bad luck with other products I immediately dismissed them.

So I head to Target with my coupon book in hand and stock up on the Lavender and Pineapple Oil Diffusers and the same for the Francesca Mist Starter kits.

The oil diffuser snaps into place in seconds and you just replace the oil card once a month.  Now since this is fragrance oil it seems to linger longer in the air.  My daughter's room had the pineapple in it and smells like a tropical drink all the time.  Mind you her hamper in filled with smelly field hockey clothes at all times.

I chose lavender for the living areas and I love how the oil Diffusers are stylish and blend nicely with your decor.

The fragrance mist is placed in all the bathrooms (of course), and near my dog's crate.  The ingenious thing about the Fragrance Mist is how delicate it sprays and how quiet it is.  There is nothing more embarrassing than being in a bathroom off of a room full of people and you need to freshen the air but the air freshener is as loud as a fire extinguisher.  Also the beauty of the fragrance  spray is how elegant the design is, but you can also buy refills of any fragrance once it empties.

I am giving both of these a thumbs up, and by the way I am happy to report my house no longer smells dirty.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COVERGIRL & Olay reveiw

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Well I am officially on face cream, moisturizer, serum, day cream, night cream, primer, pre primer, someone to come into my room in the middle of the night and sprinkle fairy dust on my fact, etc.....

I think you get the idea.  The average consumer is overwhelmed by beauty advisers columns in magazines, the cosmedicas counter lady, the commercials.  It's no wonder that the beauty industry is doing so well in a sluggish economy.  I actually saw a machine that will gently apply your serums to your face, as if dabbing your face with your finger is too complicated you need to spend $200.00.

You may take from the beginning tone of this article that I am anti beauty products,  HELL NO.  I am a beauty junkie, I love samples, trial sizes, new product launches, all of it.  The problem is I have only but one face to apply it and the products just pile up.  Well I am a BZZ Agent and was given a chance to try for free the COVERGIRL/Olay foundation and pressed powder.  To begin with it has a nice simple fresh fragrance to it, only a hint, and goes on so lightly.  This is a very important point, and not lost on those of us who have suffered through the worst heat and humidity wave this past summer.  I was very nervous applying make up on the hottest of days, afraid that I would see my precious 20 minutes of time I spent in the morning carefully applying makeup to see it drip or as I like to say "fall off my face".  The coverage is great and quite remarkable for the light texture of the product.

Now after five weeks or so of wearing this I really can't speak to if my wrinkles have disappeared.  I will say that I have noticed the dark circles under my eyes lightening up and my eye make up seems to go on easier without my eye lid getting all droopy.

Bottom Line:  Thumbs up, these are very affordable and effective contenders in the BB era of foundation, and since they are sold in drugstores, the ability to get additional savings with coupons and store sales is a selling point. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Well tomorrow is the big day (actually today is).  I head to NYC for FABB.  I am thrilled yet a bit nervous of the unexpected.  I am dressing my dressy comfort chic ala suburbia.  Translation:  cocktail party night one, since traveling by train that day, big black losey fit pants, a cheetahish pattened top with a big silver yoke, silver flip flops and silver bangles and earings.  Skipping the necklace as the yoke to my top is over whelming and really my neck needs no more.  Also a cool little pinky ring I just picked up.

The next day is FABB  - Rachel Zoe, I almost wished I had a faux fur vest to wear or a cute fedora but I just can't pull either of those two off.

I am wearing a black sleevless maxi dress, but since I hate my arms I am wearing a white sheer top over the dress with pleated sleeves.  This is being paried with gold cork flip flops, a large necklace, earrings and a knuckle size ring.

Nails just painted a coralish color, didn't have time for the profesh mani/pedi.

Got a load of magazines to go thru, and bringing kindle, camera and iphone. 

I am old school and will be taking notes.

Can't wait to let you know all about the expereince.  Looking forward to reporting on the fashion, the swag and the fashion.

Peace to the peeps.