Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Freebie alert


Lancome is coming out with a great freebie with 38 dollar purchase.  This one is at Macy's.
I recently had a life changing moment a few months back that has really hit the "tilt" button on my brain. There was one day I was trying to get out of the house, but I'd step out, realized I forgot my purse, then I would do the same thing, but time it was sunglasses. I did this dance for 4 times. Finally I had to just stop. I got a cup out filled it with ice, made the half and half iced tea. My favorite because it is flavored perfectly. I took a breath and sat down in my screened porch. It was raining (one of the few days of rain we've had. I remembered an exercise I was taught when overwhelmed. Just sit and enjoy the moment. That simple. So I sat on the porch, sipping my perfect iced tea and just enjoyed the flavor in my mouth and savored it, enjoyed how cool it felt going down. The feeling of the cold cup in my palms. After a few minutes of this I was calm, I was focused and remembered exactly what needed to be brought. I was calm, level headed and in the moment, not worrying about what I am cooking for dinner tonight and the fight I had with my daughter 3 hours ago. Simply being in the moment, and the Brew Over Ice Half and Half, Half tea and half lemonade did exactly that. The drink is so simple yet so perfect of a blend of flavors, you don't have to do anything to this as it brews the combination of the tea and lemonade perfectly. Never under estimate the power of the little things.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Ok Moms and other ladies with the tween/teen set in your house, I would like to take a moment and talk about the "tipping" or the trend with the girls either bleaching the bottom of the hair blonde, or a vibrant color.  I get it, hair for decades has been a means of self expression, last year the feathers were everywhere, this year it is the tipping.  When I was a teenager, it was Sun-In, Lemon Juice and a day at the beach, (not to mention the baby oil with iodine).

So when my daughter, who is turning 15 and graduated JR. High, with National Junior Honor Society, The Presidents Excellece award... you get the idea, she worked hard, as did her friends, approached me to get the Khole Kardashian look I thought at first no way are you dyeing your hair.  Then I called the hair dresser to get a price (without my daughter's knowledge), and was told for the "Ombre Bleach" it would be approx. $100, well ding ding game over.

I began to re-think my position, after all it was only the ends of her hair, that hair will probally get cut off in the fall with the back to school hair cut.  Also, I get it, she wants to have the look that she sees and likes.

Ok, now I'm on board, now we just have that pesky $100 thing to deal with.  Well I go to CVS using a coupon of course and buy an over the counter color kit.  We bring it home apply it oh so carefully, and for 25 min, I keep looking at my daughters beatuiful hair half covered in goo wondering if I have ruined her hair.  So as soon as the timer goes off I get her hair washed and she drys it comes downstairs, and nothing.  The color maybe lifted it one shade.  (Did I mention my daughter is a brunette).  Now I have a dejected daughter.  So I head down to the local Sally Hansens and ask what I can use, and was told straight up bleach.  That is the only thing that will lift a brunette to any shade of blonde.  So i get a packet of powder and a small bottle of develper, (the clerk gave all this to me), I check out and off I go.

I get home now I am mixing bleach, without any handy kit (I did save the gloves from the first kit), and I apply the bleach.  We wait, she washes and drys her hair and violoa she has blonde tips on the bottom.

But she comments on the texture of her hair, how it feels rough.  She does have fine straightesh hair.   I realize that it's the damage from the bleach.  It isn't fatal but it will need to be cared for with the right products until she decides to cut it out.
Now this is where the BzzAgent program became a life saver, as I was given the John Frieda Frizz Ease for free along with samples to hand out, in return to review the product and share my experiences with my friends etc.
So I try the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution on her hair and suddenly her hair becomes soft and managable.  The hair just drank in the product and said thank you.  It was actually remarkable to see how well it worked in just one application.

Now my duahgter has a look she loves, had to take one extra step with her hair and apply the Frizz-Ease, but she has a fun summer look and didn't have to sacrice and beautiful head of soft hair to have it.