Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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The Glade Expressions Collection, is a wonderful way to give your home a subtle welcoming fragrance that does not smell like air fresheners.  The attention to detail with the design is much appreciated.  The oil diffuser can pass for a mini sculpture like item on any buffet or table.  There are two colors, the Pineapple and Mangosteen the diffuser has a wooden look to it, the Cotton has a white design.  But since the refills go inside the actual diffuser and come out just as easily, you certainly could change the diffuser with the refill scent.

It may sound completely trivial to talk about air fresheners, but smell is so important to our mood and stress level.  Aromatherapy is a very popular wellness tool, and it is also taught in conjunction with stress, smoking cessation, and mindfulness/ mediation.  When you walk into a room that has a touch of a scent, that doesn't over power you be you can feel it envelope you if you just close you eyes and imagine it.  That is a great stress reducing excersize.  Now imagine walking into that same room and it had a stale, pet odor, or just dirty smell to it, if you close your eyes and try to imagine anything, it wouldn't be pleasant or stress reducing. 

The fragrance mist is just as well appointed as the oil diffuser.  It is a funky shaped white object, and you buy refill that you screw into the white holder.  When you spray this it is the finest of mists, and so discreet, you could have zero worries if you were in a bathroom that was near people. 

I challenge everyone to take something that smells pleasant to you and just inhale it thru your nose and exhale thru your mouth.   When you breath put your hand on your tummy to make sure it's moving up and down, meaning your breathing with your diaphragm.  Let the scent just envelope you.  Do this for a few minutes and don't tell me you don't fell relaxed.  Now once you do that go you your store check out the Glade Expressions Collection pick a fragrance and the dispenser and enjoy!

Disclaimer, I was given some product for free to try and review.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Influenster got a makeover

Many of you may be familiar with the website Influenster from my previous reveiws and write ups.

Well they rolled out a major revamp.   The old site allowed you to earn a handful of badges, based on those badges you were deemed eligible to receive a vox box based on your demographic profile of your badges.  A vox box is a box filled with products, both full and trial sized.  You are to try these and answer a survey after.  If you like you can do different tasks to earn the badge for your vox box.

Now you need to be invited to join, there is a request button on the home page.  The ensures that the Influenster community is filled with active members of social media.  There are so many  badges to earn and fun tasks to do to earn the badges.  You have expert badges, lifestyle badges and then some badges will happen over time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We drink Fair Trade Coffee but do we know what it means?

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Ok, anyone who drinks coffee that isn't in coolatta form has probably had or seen the Fair Trade Label on Coffee.  I was asked to participate in this campaign for BZZ Agent and never really looked at the impact of wheather I choose Fair Trade Coffee or not.

In very basic terms, when you buy fair trade coffee you know that the coffee you bought, the farmers who grew it paid a fair price for the coffee and their labor, given technical help to help in growing and trasnitioning to Oraganic.  Farmers who sell their coffee under the Fair Trade Lable must grow their coffee in a sustainable atmosphere, they work under a stritk set of international laws that promote re forestration, enviromental friednly ways to grow their coffee, this is because they know that they are going to be paid a fair price.  Otherwise farmers who are being taking advantage of for cheap labor and pricing, may resort to more economical ways to grow and harvest their coffee beans, that are usually not enviromentally friendly.

Women in rural areas are still very much dismissed and treated badly, not having any basic benefits, but the women working on a Fair Trade plantation are given access to free health care,  job rights and protection from discrimination.  This is a receipe that leads to empowerment, and then they provide strong role models for young girls and this hopefully goes on generation to  generation.

Revenues are set aside to build schools and help with education.  When the family is earning a fair wage then the child can stay in school and learn instead of having to work the felids for little wages just to help the family survive, therefore enrollment stays strong.

Farmers can sustain market price fluctuations because they are all joined together as one big supplier.

I am much more enlightened about Fair Trade than I have ever imagined.  Next time I am given the choice of drinking or buying Fair Trade Coffee vrs the other, I will be buying Fair Trade.

 Sephora junkie who HAD a room that smelled like a gym locker

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I was at my daughter's Field Hockey game yesterday and we started talking about how many uniforms they have and the amount of laundry we have to do, or else the girls hampers begin to smell rank.  This team is a Division one undefeated team so they have a game or a practice 5-6 a week, each with a different type of uniform.
I was confessing that I didn't like doing laundry every day, but if I didn't her room would stink.  But one day I was sitting in the living room and it smelled so nice, I was next to an oil diffuser, the pineapple and mangosteen.  I moved it to her bedroom, and it blended in with the wood of her bed so it didn't look like I'M AN AIR FRESHENER SO SOMEBODY MUST SMELL. 
I also told them that I got these from Bzz Agent but I had coupons left for the oil diffuser and told them to go onto my facebook to print out any other coupon.  I think most of them were going to buy it, as we were all quite disgusted with the gym  locker smell coming from our daughter's room. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Country Life Maxi Hair supplement

I must disclaim that I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster

• Nourishment for hair, nails and skin** 
• 5,000 mcg of biotin 
• Gluten-Free
This supplement since I have been taking it I notice my skin a bit clearer and maybe a bit softer, my nails have definitely gotten stronger.  Not sure about the hair yet but I only have been taking them for a week or so.
It Contains vitamins A, E, and C  - These are valuable vitamins in age defying skin creams.It's also Gluten Free.  This is a great way for those of us who don't have the time or money to purchase every skin care item and hair product that comes on the market.  This one is worth a try in my humble opinions.
  Country Life Website

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™"

I must disclaim that I received this product complimentary through Influenster.  Thank you LypSyl for participating, this is a great lip balm.  Let me explain what sets this apart from other lip balms.

1. The Shape and Size- You pick up this lip balm and its substantial in feel, and the surface of the lip gloss is oval shaped and nice and large, but too large that you will be balming your face. 

2. The Bee- I think no review of this lip balm can not go without mention of the bee.  It's a plastic yellow bee that is one a track and you push up the bee to give you more balm (instead of twisting the bottom).  This is a very clever way to remind people that this is made with pure Swedish Beeswax.

3. The Tingle- When you apply LypSyl you immediately get a little tingle going on your lips, and a hint of a minty flavor.  This tingle lasts and feels quite refreshing.

4. The ingredients- Swedish Bees wax, coconut oil, organic Shea butter and vitamins A and E.

What I liked about this most, (not counting the bee), was I didn't have to apply a ton of it on my lips to get the feeling of relief and moisture.  My LypSyl lasted about an hour, give or take.  Which coming from someone who apply s lip balm continuously is great.

I happen to be on medication that drys my mouth so my lips get yucky, so I'm thrilled.

Check it out for your self at


I must disclaim that I received EBOOST complimentary through Influencer.  Having said that WOW, I had energy all day esp the near 2:30 time when I could just fall into a bed and take a nap, but unfortunately that is prime time in a mommy's life.

Pick up from School
Start thinking about Dinner
Driving to Practice/Rehearsal
Making afternoon snacks
Helping with homework
Cleaning up

Now please don't read the above and say, well June Cleaver don't you have a busy little life.  Well think about it, if your at home and have kids that is the reality.   The list could very well go like this

Finish status reports
Answer emails
Get back to 5 people who called me
Meet with staff regarding status of ABC project
Write Tom's review.

All of these things when tackled with no energy can just wipe us out, or worse we end up making mistakes or be sloppy about our work.

I tried EBOOST, it is a packet of powder you add water too and it bubbles up and you stir and drink it.  I had the orange flavor and when I first added the water it looked and smelled like an orange creamsicle.  I drank it up and it was yummy I love citrus.  I was impressed that it used stevia as a sweeter, instead of something not natural.  It has only 5 calories.  It's full of vitamins in the right amount and combination to achieve lasting energy.  It also is supposed to be good for immunity, but having only started using it I can't speak personally to that yet.

I think I loved the energy with out the crash the most.  I used to turn to coffee for a pick me up but I always would crash after wards, and let's not even discuss a sugar crash.

If your interested in reading more about EBOOST check out their website.

CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

**"CleanWell believes in eliminating germs safely. That's why they developed their patented formulation of natural thyme oil that kills germs yet contains no harsh chemicals. CleanWell truly is a better way to clean."

This is what makes this product very interesting.  Without the use of alcohol and the use of the thyme oil, you can use these on your hand and they will not dry out, also nice for the face.  This is a game changer for me.
I was coming home from a book club last night and I had my packet of CleanWell in my purse.  I left the house and wiped my hands, then being tired and dreading the removal of makeup and night face washing seemed impossible.  So I flipped over the wipe and wiped my face.  Instantly I felt a freshness and the scent is so pleasent, but I had removed a nice  amount of makeup, so I didn't feel guilty just going to bed.  Please don't replace your normal face washing routine with this, I am just saying this is a much better alternative than going to bed without washing your face.

So there you have it, a eco friendly portable hand wipe,  that can also help out with face.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The influenenster Naturals Vox Box 2012

Well a couple of weeks ago my mailbox had a fairly large sized white box with MY name on it!!!!, (I still feel like a 13 year old who got mail when I get a package).  This was from Influensters, it was my Naturals Vox Box.   Now Influensters is a company that have a group of web involved women and men and based on your demographic profile they will send you a box with items for you to try.  Now you may write reviews or blog or vlog.  They also have fun badge challenges along the way to boost your score.

So this box I received because I indicated I was "green" and interested in sustainable products that are good for our environment.

The first item out of the box was The Original Dish Drying Mat, I have seen these at Bed and Bath and wanted one so badly.  They combine a thin layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber.  Thus saving energy by drying dishes by air instead of running the dishwasher three times a day.

The next item is LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisutizer.  This is made with pure Swedish Beeswax, organic Shea butter, and vitamins A and E.  This give a very nice high quality protection on your lips.  You can tell when you wear bad lip balm and good lip balm,  This is very nice.

The next item is EBOOST, I got one (frowning face) packet of this.  It says it will boost your mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients with no crash.  (I better order a pallet of this)

CleanWell Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes-
These are individually packages so they are portable for pocketbooks, lunch boxes, sports bags, beach bags etc.  They are alcohol free and "easy on the earth"


This is 24 hour odor protection, a deodorant.  It is so nice smelling, a nice floral/tropical kind of vibe.  But it's good for the body


I love this sweetener.  it's zero calories, has the same texture as sugar and is made from monk fruit.  I love this.

Country Life maxi-hair maximized.\
This is a dietary supplement with a focus on B- vitamins, biotin and MSM.  It's to bring beauty from the inside out.

I will be reviewing each of these more in depth along the way but this is just a little information about the naturals vox box.