Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I must disclaim that I received EBOOST complimentary through Influencer.  Having said that WOW, I had energy all day esp the near 2:30 time when I could just fall into a bed and take a nap, but unfortunately that is prime time in a mommy's life.

Pick up from School
Start thinking about Dinner
Driving to Practice/Rehearsal
Making afternoon snacks
Helping with homework
Cleaning up

Now please don't read the above and say, well June Cleaver don't you have a busy little life.  Well think about it, if your at home and have kids that is the reality.   The list could very well go like this

Finish status reports
Answer emails
Get back to 5 people who called me
Meet with staff regarding status of ABC project
Write Tom's review.

All of these things when tackled with no energy can just wipe us out, or worse we end up making mistakes or be sloppy about our work.

I tried EBOOST, it is a packet of powder you add water too and it bubbles up and you stir and drink it.  I had the orange flavor and when I first added the water it looked and smelled like an orange creamsicle.  I drank it up and it was yummy I love citrus.  I was impressed that it used stevia as a sweeter, instead of something not natural.  It has only 5 calories.  It's full of vitamins in the right amount and combination to achieve lasting energy.  It also is supposed to be good for immunity, but having only started using it I can't speak personally to that yet.

I think I loved the energy with out the crash the most.  I used to turn to coffee for a pick me up but I always would crash after wards, and let's not even discuss a sugar crash.

If your interested in reading more about EBOOST check out their website.

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