Saturday, December 22, 2012

What you don't have time to brush and floss your dogs teeth!!??!!

I was asked by Bzz Agent to try complementary a bag of Eukanuba DentalDefence.  I have three dogs and my oldest and smallest a pug had to  have teeth pulled a few years back because of rotten teeth.  Now many would say how could you let that happen, but in smaller breeds it is a lot harder to put things in there mouth to clean teeth than a lab, (which I also have).  So any product that helps me do what I cannot gets my attention immediately.

I was worried about the food transition, but i did it in one day and there were no problems with three dogs.  I will say the food must be true to the statement of high quality ingredients, because there waste was minimal.  Foods with a lot of filler will cause gassy and messy waste.

I loved that the option for the mini kibble was there, again my pug could eat it with ease, and the other large dogs probably were thinking they were getting more food. 

I could not do the black light on my pug as there is no way to hold her mouth open, (no nose or snout to hold).  But my bulldog I saw a marked improvement, my youngest the lab I saw some but she is so young she doesn't have a lot plaque plus she chews everything in site. 

Would it be great for me to brush my dogs teeth daily, or even weekly, yes, but life happens and in my house the dogs teeth brushing unfortunately gets trumped.  So again to know I am feeding my dog healthy food and it is good for their teeth and also helps rid of past plaque it is a winner for me.

So let me break it down for you.

1. high quiality food
2. keeps their teeth clean
3. Helps to eliminate already there tartar
4. Easy food transition
5. Able to buy small or regular kibble depending on your dogs size
6. alot less gass
7. less dog waste

If you own one or like me a brood (3) dogs, and do love and want the best for them but don't always have the time, try this product.  If you can get a black light and look at your dogs mouth before and a month after you will see a difference.

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