Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shave Time, ugh

Schick Hydro Silk® razor,
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Ok Ladies, and some Gentlemen, summer will be hear before you know it and all of a sudden tank tops, Capri’s, shorts, and Gasp even swimsuits will be tried on in changing rooms and everyone will go through last years’ pile to see it still works.  Well how many of you in previous years dreaded this or insisted on doing it solo, even if you had a BF shopping with you?  I’ll hazard a guess and say some or most of it had to do with winterized hairy areas.  I will confess come late September that Razor just kind of hangs out in my shower.  I hated getting nicks and a cut on my legs or worse during the winter, when my skin was already so dry, it just was unbearable.
Disclosure I am a Bzz Agent and I received a free product and coupons for review and passing out purposes by Schick. 
Well I got my razor and immediately liked the feel in my hand, the handle is chunky but rubberized so it doesn’t grapple with gravity much.  Although you see Moisture strips on the razor you should still use a nice shave cream to enhance your shave.  You will also notice quite a few blades, this move in a manner that you can actually shave your knees and other curvy areas and you should be nic free.
I have found this priced very well at local drug stores and many times you get some money back for purchasing it, so it is worth keeping an eye on it. 
Mine has a mini clear adhesive hook that discreetly holds my razor high on the tile line, as not to obstruct the view of by shower area.
In case you’re wondering I have extremely sensitive skin and this when used with a shave cream that was also ok for sensitive skin, I had zero problems.
Go for it, and next time you’re in the store with your girl friends be the first to head to the dressing room.

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