Monday, March 18, 2013

Garnier Dark Spot Peel

I was asked a few weeks ago to try and review  Garnier Dark pot Peel, by Bzz Agent.  In full Disclosure
 I received a free bottle from Garnier Dark Spot Peel from Garnier.  This was for review and trial purposes.

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I actually was in the hospital when I got this, my husband brought it in, unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of myself because the camera was not allowed.  I will say I found my Moby Dick that I was hunting on my face.  I have Dark Spots, but the real issue for me was a black head that despite how many facials I had it would just reappear, (I actually think it knows when I go to the anesthetic and hides out, then after pops back up.  I know that sounds a bit crazy but I did just compare a black head to one of the most iconic figures in classic literature.  When I was in the hospital, I had little to do other  than listening to bad cable from a tin box near my ear, or I could I play with all my grooming stuff.   I loved that this peel  you can leave on overnight.
In my real life Mommy world, I basically get up with enough time to to barely drink a cup of coffee, then I  bleary eyed drive her a mile away to school.  (I think my mother would kick my ass if I asked her to to interrupt her morning to drive me one mile to go to school.).  When I get home I am usually staring at sink of pans and dishes used to hurriedly cook various breakfasts, and the enviable last night’s dinner pan that I didn’t want to deal with, and apparently no on else in my family didn’t either. But I digress- So I have come home from driving my daughter to school, trying to drink my coffee before it gets that certain level of cold that it is suddenly undrinkable.  Now I do the dishes, dry, and put them away as I have no interest in looking at them all day long.  Now this is the point that I usually forget to eat breakfast but I do fix up something for myself in the caffeine family.  Now after I am leaving the kitchen the next stop is the computer in the living room.  Here is wear I start to read 89 email, (dude I’m a housewife).  So now I’ve finished that and finally make my way upstairs to start thinking about self grooming.  Now I go the the mirror to face my Moby Dick of a black head, I’ve been using the Garnier Dark Spot Peel faithfully for weeks keeping up my routine from the hospital.  So I wash my face and look up and notice Moby Dick looks different.  I take my wash cloth and wipe it and it comes off.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.   This blackhead that has cursed me forever has become a memory after 3.5 weeks of using the Garnier Dark Spot Peel.  Now that I am not noticing just Moby Dick, I see a softness to my skin, the ruddy Irish complexion that gets destroyed during the winter, has disappeared.  I look like like a WASP from Greenwich CT. 

Now you may ask why I make you read about my completely ridiculous morning, well it’s because the peel can stay on overnight into the next day.  I am not a slave to my house and have to take some peel off my skin within a certain time frame in case it starts to eat my flesh (for real). 

Garnier is really stepping up their game with the amount of styling, hair, and skin care line.  I have very sensitive skin and experienced zero blotching or itching. 

I really from the bottom of my heart recommend this for those issues that seem like they won’t go away, Garneir Dark Spot Peel is affordable and goes head to head with the high end department store lines.

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