Thursday, January 24, 2013

How my nails look FABOULSOUS when we have sub arctic weather?

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**Disclosure- I received free samples for testing and review  purposes from Bzz Agent.
Ok, well I guess my title kind of spoiled what this post was going to be about.  We in New England are suffering through a cold spell that makes each breath you take outside feel like a dagger inside you.  But Hells Bells if I can get my daughter to wear a coat to school.  I digress, we in New England, have enjoyed our fair share of mild winters, we have dare I say becoming accustomed to it.  No longer do I put the ice scraper in the car on Halloween and match all the mittens in the mitten tub.  It seems Mr. Snow Miser is kicking his brother Mr. Heat Miser’s booty, because it is freaking cold out.  I went to start my car to drive my daughter to work and may car said it was 2 degrees out,  2…. (no she still wouldn’t wear a coat).  

Now I am a Fair Haired and Fair skinned Irish Lass.  So when it is 2 degrees outside and the house is heated with forced hot air, I wake up to a face sporting ruddy cheeks, that are on fire just enough to make me wonder if I will make it worse by washing my face.  My legs are reptilian.  My hands are…..FABULOUS.  You heard me FABULOUS.  Now for those thinking ok the hands  are FABULOUS, but I bet she can’t keep any polish on her nails, WRONG, WRONG, WRONGITY, WRONG, WRONG.  

What is the secret to this surely it must involve expensive sessions with a manicurist and all kinds of time and treatments.  (Refer to the Wrong statement above).  I am using Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.  That’s it.  Do you know it is so concentrated and you need such a small dab that a tube has about 200 applications in it?  Let me take you on a a mental tour of my hand routine.

I take a dab of Neutrogena Hand Cream, I prefer to take the tube directly on the back of my hand and squeeze out some, it almost looks like a tear.  I repeat with the other hand, now I rub the lotion onto my hands and fingers and nails and cuticle beds.  Immediately you see a difference in dry scaly hands.  Once you have a healthy nail bed, prep for some color.  Clean up those cuticles, I like to use the Neutrogena again for this rather than cuticle cream because it’s so gentle on my hands.

Use a base coat- Wait for it to dry!!!!!  If you apply a second coat of anything over not dry nails you polish will peel off. 
Now we are going to have some fun here, pick out two complementary nail shades or two that are dramatically different but look good together.

I am using Butter’s Knackered and Julep’s Renee.  Now we will paint four fingers on each hand one color, leaving the ring finger out.  Knackered is a bluish color with  light sparkle and Renee is a flat lilac.  Once the main color is on your nails and dry apply you top coat or a drying coat.  Now you paint the second color on each hand.  Now here feel free to add the little bubbles you see giving a “caviar” effect.  Or just enjoy the two colors as they are.  It’s a nice way and fashionable way to draw attention to your smooth hands and well cared for nails courtesy of Neutrogena Hand Cream.

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