Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frozen Pizza that tastes like Pizza and is freindly on the wallet

 Well the holidays are over the streets are lined with discarded Christmas Trees, (who else other than me drive and judge the different trees?)
For many January means resolutions and weight loss programs, products and never used gym memberships that have contracts harder to get out of than a parking ticket.

Well I am among the many who need to lose weight, Ive done it all, I remember spending a small fortune on ready made shakes, bars, and frozen meals- and declare to all "I am just eating thee products nothing else"- Well what ends up happening is I end up eating the week's worth of products in a couple of days.

Now at this point you may be thinking this girl lost her mind and forgot she is writing a review of frozen Pizza, but no I have not forgotten.

In my previous post I reviewed the Mozzarella and the Quattro Formaggi

This time I will review the Spinaci, and Speciale, I could not locate the Funghi or the Vegetable in any of my grocery stores.

First up the Spinaci- I know if I say the word spinach to either my daughter or my husband they say in a dip? If the answer is no forget about it.  Well I cooked up this pizza, again at 10 minutes instead of the 12 minutes on the box.  The
Spinaci Pizza is: Savory leaf spinach, mozzarella, hearty garlic sauce, so it's a "white pizza", and let me tell you it tastes like spinach dip on pizza but much healthier for you.  The Garlic sauce and the spinach work so well together neither overpower the other.  The crust is just crisp enough.  A serving of this is 1/3 of the pizza and this with a salad or some fruit, would make a very satisfying meal for anyone on a diet or just looking to eat healthier.  You get real flavors and the highest quality of ingredients.

The next and last pizza we taste tested was the Speciale: Pepperoni, cooked ham, spicy herbs- now this is the best tasting meat pizza out in any freezer container and a few take out places as well.  This one I cook to the 12 minutes to make sure the meats are heated well and get that crisp to them, also this crust lends to being a bit more crispier. The pizza has a delicate red sauce on the base, and I say delicate because it didn't ooze pizza sauce when I cut it, then a layer of cheese that gets that firmness and snap to it when you eat it, then on top of that you have med sized pieces of ham slices, not chunks of ham, then you have high quality peperoni.  The flavors just melt in your mouth, it is a great meal when your in your "carnivore" mood.  Each serving is very satisfying, and easily pair up with fruit and salad for a meal.

don't tell anyone but I've been know to cook one of these up for lunch and somehow it's gone by bedtime.  Shhh
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I received free pizza and coupons to try and reveiw this pizza for Bzz Agent.

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