Sunday, November 25, 2012

A piece of knowlege with my coffee

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OK, well usually with coffee it comes with a piece of cake or pie, in my case it comes with a piece of knowledge.  Fair Trade, we see the label on food products, some clothing, crafts etc.  Well Fair Trade is exactly that.  In the mountains of Columbia the small coffee farmers have little help in staying in business against the large farmers.  Children are forced to quit school and ofter work for free just to sustain the family farm.  Women were treated very badly and had no way to get help.  Education was a luxury the children of the smaller farms could afford.

Well Fair Trade stops that, it is a group of small farmers who group together to make a larger farm so they can be competitive in the beans pricing and in turn pay a fair wage.  The farmers must follow the rules to stay in the Fair Trade group.  Such things as education, women's health care and fair wages are given and the farmer is accountable to following the rules.

I took the time to look up the Fair Trade for keurig coffee.  I would suggest everyone do so, and also if you see another product advertised with the Fair Trade label fit would be worth reading about it.

I will not buy a product that isn't Fair Trade when there is a Fair Trade option to buy.

In this season of giving thanks and gifts, close you eyes and imagine the life of the people you help just buy choosing Fair Trade.

*** Disclaimer, I was given free samples of the Fair Trade Coffee for review purposes.

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