Monday, September 3, 2012

Well tomorrow is the big day (actually today is).  I head to NYC for FABB.  I am thrilled yet a bit nervous of the unexpected.  I am dressing my dressy comfort chic ala suburbia.  Translation:  cocktail party night one, since traveling by train that day, big black losey fit pants, a cheetahish pattened top with a big silver yoke, silver flip flops and silver bangles and earings.  Skipping the necklace as the yoke to my top is over whelming and really my neck needs no more.  Also a cool little pinky ring I just picked up.

The next day is FABB  - Rachel Zoe, I almost wished I had a faux fur vest to wear or a cute fedora but I just can't pull either of those two off.

I am wearing a black sleevless maxi dress, but since I hate my arms I am wearing a white sheer top over the dress with pleated sleeves.  This is being paried with gold cork flip flops, a large necklace, earrings and a knuckle size ring.

Nails just painted a coralish color, didn't have time for the profesh mani/pedi.

Got a load of magazines to go thru, and bringing kindle, camera and iphone. 

I am old school and will be taking notes.

Can't wait to let you know all about the expereince.  Looking forward to reporting on the fashion, the swag and the fashion.

Peace to the peeps.

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