Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COVERGIRL & Olay reveiw

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Well I am officially on face cream, moisturizer, serum, day cream, night cream, primer, pre primer, someone to come into my room in the middle of the night and sprinkle fairy dust on my fact, etc.....

I think you get the idea.  The average consumer is overwhelmed by beauty advisers columns in magazines, the cosmedicas counter lady, the commercials.  It's no wonder that the beauty industry is doing so well in a sluggish economy.  I actually saw a machine that will gently apply your serums to your face, as if dabbing your face with your finger is too complicated you need to spend $200.00.

You may take from the beginning tone of this article that I am anti beauty products,  HELL NO.  I am a beauty junkie, I love samples, trial sizes, new product launches, all of it.  The problem is I have only but one face to apply it and the products just pile up.  Well I am a BZZ Agent and was given a chance to try for free the COVERGIRL/Olay foundation and pressed powder.  To begin with it has a nice simple fresh fragrance to it, only a hint, and goes on so lightly.  This is a very important point, and not lost on those of us who have suffered through the worst heat and humidity wave this past summer.  I was very nervous applying make up on the hottest of days, afraid that I would see my precious 20 minutes of time I spent in the morning carefully applying makeup to see it drip or as I like to say "fall off my face".  The coverage is great and quite remarkable for the light texture of the product.

Now after five weeks or so of wearing this I really can't speak to if my wrinkles have disappeared.  I will say that I have noticed the dark circles under my eyes lightening up and my eye make up seems to go on easier without my eye lid getting all droopy.

Bottom Line:  Thumbs up, these are very affordable and effective contenders in the BB era of foundation, and since they are sold in drugstores, the ability to get additional savings with coupons and store sales is a selling point. 

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