Sunday, July 29, 2012

I recently had a life changing moment a few months back that has really hit the "tilt" button on my brain. There was one day I was trying to get out of the house, but I'd step out, realized I forgot my purse, then I would do the same thing, but time it was sunglasses. I did this dance for 4 times. Finally I had to just stop. I got a cup out filled it with ice, made the half and half iced tea. My favorite because it is flavored perfectly. I took a breath and sat down in my screened porch. It was raining (one of the few days of rain we've had. I remembered an exercise I was taught when overwhelmed. Just sit and enjoy the moment. That simple. So I sat on the porch, sipping my perfect iced tea and just enjoyed the flavor in my mouth and savored it, enjoyed how cool it felt going down. The feeling of the cold cup in my palms. After a few minutes of this I was calm, I was focused and remembered exactly what needed to be brought. I was calm, level headed and in the moment, not worrying about what I am cooking for dinner tonight and the fight I had with my daughter 3 hours ago. Simply being in the moment, and the Brew Over Ice Half and Half, Half tea and half lemonade did exactly that. The drink is so simple yet so perfect of a blend of flavors, you don't have to do anything to this as it brews the combination of the tea and lemonade perfectly. Never under estimate the power of the little things.

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